Collax V-Essence

Bundled virtualization power

Bundled virtualization power

Collax V-Essence bundles the powerful hypervisor Collax V-Cube with Collax V-Transfer and Collax Central. This combination creates a powerful virtualization platform. Collax V-Transfer guarantees easy migration of virtual machines (VMs). With Collax Central, you have everything at a glance at all times - in a clear, web-based management interface.

Collax V-Essence-Kit: Powerful. Simple. Clear.

Collax V-Cube

Collax V-Cube is a powerful, reliable virtualization server based on the KVM hypervisor integrated in the Linux kernel. With over a thousand installed Collax V-Cube, we already support several hundred satisfied customers with this scalable virtualization solution. The administration of the Collax V-Cube was implemented in a web-based, graphical and intuitive user interface.

Collax V-Transfer

Collax V-Transfer enables the migration of virtual machines between Collax hypervisors with just a few mouse clicks in a reliable and convenient manner. The configuration is also transferred. Operation is fully and clearly integrated into the Collax V-Cube user interface.

Collax Central

Collax Central - the management solution facilitates the administration and management of the virtualization environment with its clear web-based interface. Active system monitoring indicates emerging problems at an early stage and provides an effective tool for efficient and fast administration. This is where all the information comes together.

Collax V-Vube+

Collax V-Cube+ - the complete solution for virtualization and high availability. With additional modules, two Collax V-Cube hypervisors can be easily connected to form a high-availability cluster.

For better load balancing, the VMs are distributed to the cluster nodes - automatically or as needed. If a server hardware shows problems, the virtual machines are seamlessly moved from one node to the other. The user is unaware of this and can continue to work without any downtime.

Data sheet: Collax V-Essence 832 kB
Collax V-Essence-Kit
  • Web-based administration interface
  • No limitation of usage regarding hardware resources
  • Scalable solution
  • Simple licensing system without cost jumps
  • HA upgrade possible
  • German speaking, telephone support included

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Collax V-Essence