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Know-how transfer for more transparency

Professional and individual

The Collax C-Server and Collax V-Server are based on various open technologies. We want to ensure that you maintain your independence without sacrificing professionalism and individuality in the solutions.

We constantly observe the market in its change and the development of new trends and technologies for you. We check these and, if necessary, implement them for our products. With our whitepapers and e-books we would like to pass on our knowledge to you. They should serve you as decision support and information basis.

**We want to be more for you. We want to be your partner **

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Collax V-Bien Office - compact endurance runner

Even small companies, chain stores, joint practices and freelancers often have the need to design their central server to be highly available. However, implementation often fails due to the high costs of both hardware and software. Collax V-Bien Office positions itself as an affordable solution for virtualization and high availability in very small environments.


Hyperconvergent IT Solutions for Small Businesses

**Simplification of IT**, **flexibility** and **cost reduction** are at the top of the wish list of managing directors and IT managers. Hyperconvergent systems can be the right solution here. But which solution is the right choice for small businesses? In our whitepaper you will find the advantages and disadvantages of hyperconvergent systems, important decision criteria as well as a checklist for investment decisions.


High Availability and Virtualization for Freelancers

With Collax V-Bien we have developed a unique solution especially for small companies, chain stores and freelancers. The complete solution includes hardware, software and support. But what is technically behind it? In this e-book we take a look behind the scenes and explain the technologies behind Collax V-Bien in a simple and understandable way.


Fencing - the be-all and end-all of a high availability solution

Fencing - fence it in. High availability solutions are about keeping all applications and files available. Also in case of maintenance or problems. Fencing is essential for this. Which different types, which trapdoors are there? Which one suits you and your company best? Technical details and solutions can be found in our whitepaper.


For your own account - e-invoicing for SMEs

What factors need to be taken into account when switching from paper bills to e-bills? How can SMEs cost-effectively implement the legal framework for archiving?

In this whitepaper, we will give you an insight into the legal situation, explain the principle of e-mail archiving and point out possible solutions.


Audit-proof e-mail archiving: simple and inexpensive

The obligation to audit-proof archiving of e-mail communication is based on legal requirements. Non-compliance can lead to high fines or even imprisonment. Our whitepaper informs about the legal framework and shows practicable solutions especially for SMEs and freelancers.