Collax Proactive HA

Protection against hardware failures before they occur

Proactive hardware monitoring and automatic evacuation in the cluster.

Respond before it’s too late. When a failure or pending failure of critical components, such as storage, is detected, Collax Proactive HA evacuates the affected node and migrates the virtual machines to the intact node.

Predictive monitoring for higher availability

Collax Proactive HA extends the availability of your workloads in the cluster through proactive hardware monitoring and automatic evacuation. This helps minimise unplanned downtime and ensure business continuity across your enterprise.

Continuous hardware monitoring with sensors

Our solution uses a variety of sensors to continuously monitor your hardware. Proactive HA reacts to situations where an imminent hardware failure is detected.

Safe evacuation without interruption

For example, when the first signs of a hardware failure appear or problems with a hard disk increase, a complete failure of the component may be imminent. In such cases, Proactive HA evacuates the affected node and seamlessly migrates the virtual machines to an intact node without affecting the running workloads.

Administrator notification and recovery

The administrator is automatically notified of the evacuation via email. After the node has been repaired or replaced, a new hardware check can be performed and the node can be reintegrated into the cluster operation.

Further information:

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  • Gentle reaction to failures
  • Permanent monitoring of the hardware status
  • Detection of possible hardware failures
  • More safety against spontaneous failures
  • no configuration
  • Uninterrupted operation
  • Proven fencing mechanism ensures data integrity at all times