Collax Groupware Suite

Kopano Groupware for Collax

Kopano Groupware for Collax

Topics such as BYOD, file sharing and web meetings are not just buzzwords, but also increasingly dominate the everyday work of small and medium-sized companies. A company-wide available IT platform is essential for business communication. The Collax Groupware Suite facilitates teamwork through file sharing, web meetings, mailbox sharing, shared contact management and extended calendar functions. Thanks to the integrated mail server, the Collax Groupware Suite not only offers modern groupware functions, but also maximum e-mail security. The Collax e-mail archive enables revision-proof archiving of e-mails and electronic invoices (e-invoicing).

Special functions

Groupware on the desktop, in the browser or mobile

The Groupware Suite provides all the familiar email, advanced calendar and contacts features you need to be productive. The browser-based interface gives you an overview of what’s important to you, whether it’s incoming email, your weekly schedule, or the contact details of the person you want to call.


Meet online in an incomparable video and audio quality, directly via the groupware WebApp. Use the presentation mode to increase your team’s productivity or simply share your screen so all participants look at the same document.

See who’s online and start an online meeting or chat with just one click.

Invite external participants to your web meeting via e-mail or directly from the meeting request. All you need is a browser to join your meeting.

File Sharing – Stay in control

It is easy to share files and folders using your existing storage tools like Collax Net Storage or Owncloud. With this feature you can browse your folders and keep control of who has access to shared data without switching to another application.

And if someone shares a file or folder with you, you can work on it directly from the WebApp interface.

Mobile access

With smooth synchronization, you always have up-to-date e-mails, tasks and contacts on your smartphone or tablet. Not only can you synchronize your company’s address book, you can also schedule meetings, view your emails or attachments, and reply from your phone. No additional applications required!

The Z-Push functionality is also Microsoft Outlook ™ compatible. Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 can therefore also be configured to synchronize data via Z-Push.

Special server system

Efficient administration and monitoring, always up-to-date software Collax’s own browser-based user interface allows secure administration of the server from any location - locally and remotely. Comprehensive monitoring with e-mail notification simplifies the administrator’s work. The easy-to-use update management updates the server software quickly and easily.

Storage and Data Protection

The file server supports all common protocols. The integrated backup/restore allows comprehensive backup plans and supports multiple storage media up to tape:

Central user administration, across multiple locations

The integrated directory service makes it easy to manage users, even across multiple locations. Intelligent tools make ActiveDirectory connectivity a breeze.

Enterprise E-Mail-Server

The Zarafa-based brick level Backup / Restore can be used to easily restore individual e-mails or mailboxes.

Secure communication, secure working

Anti-spam filtering, greylisting, reputation filtering and a tar pit are implemented in this solution for secure communication. Basic antivirus protection is provided by ClamAV, which can be supplemented by Kaspersky or Avira solutions.

Fax- and SMS-Server

A fax, instant messaging and SMS server round off the functionalities of the Collax Groupware Suite.

Recovery of individual e-mails

With Zarafa-based backup and restore, individual e-mails, mailboxes and appointments can be conveniently backed up and restored.

Two editions available

Collax offers two editions of the Collax Groupware Suite tailored to the respective requirements of the customers:
Collax Groupware Suite Basic
Collax Groupware Suite Pro

Collax Groupware Suite as Appliance

The Collax Groupware Suite is also available as an appliance (hardware with pre-installed software). You can obtain suitable offers from our distributors and system partners.

Further information:

Datasheet: Collax Groupware Suite 309 kB Datasheet: Collax Archive for E-Mails and E-Invoicing 354 kB
  • Networked working in a team
  • Extended calendar function
  • Web meetings in highest video quality
  • BYOD - reliable integration of mobile devices
  • ActiveSync and Outlook
  • Enterprise email server
  • Secure file sharing
  • Integrated mail server
  • Spam and virus protection
  • Audit-proof archive for e-mail and e-invoicing
  • Location-independent working

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