Collax Business Server

Your secure IT infrastructure – made in Germany

Your secure IT infrastructure – made in Germany

The Collax Business Server is a multiple award-winning one-step business solution that has been installed thousands of times. With flexibility, performance, and reliability, it takes care of the security, establishes the infrastructure, and provides important server applications.

Datasheet: Collax Business Server 313 kB


Mail server

The integrated e-mail server is the core of the Collax Business Server. It controls the transmission and reception either directly or via a provider. The mailboxes can be accessed via Web mail, Outlook, or any other e-mail client. The entire mail traffic is constantly screened for spam and viruses. Optionally, an e-mail archive can be added.

File server

The file server provides users and teams with a central storage location for their files. Thus, the data can be kept securely for shared use from various locations.

Web server

Together with the integrated database, the Collax Business Server provides the ideal platform for all Web applications. All kinds of applications ‒ from corporate Wikis to ERP systems ‒ can be made available to the team.


Modern firewall technology and many other security mechanisms make the Collax Business Server a fortress for the enterprise and the data. The product creates trust with its “security made in Germany”, as the Collax Business Server is fully developed and produced in Germany.

Remote access via VPN

If locations are to be networked or mobile team members are to be given access to the company network, this can be done with VPN (Virtual Private Networking). The spy-proof connections are established according to the IPsec standards. The included L2TP can be used for desktop operating systems.


The Collax Business Servers comes with all means necessary to ensure an operable company network. The server covers the full spectrum, from central user administration to the network service for name resolution (DNS) to the assignment of IP addresses (DHCP). Additionally, a backup and restore system is provided.

Easy administration

All settings can easily be configured via a browser-based user interface. Analysis and statistics functions and an auto-generated configuration report facilitate the administration of the server. The server can also be integrated in a network monitoring architecture.

Collax Business Server als Appliance

The Collax Business Server is also available in the form of an appliance (hardware with pre-installed software). You can find suitable hardware at our distributors.

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Datasheet: Collax Business Server 313 kB