Release Notes CBS 5.0.18

Collax Business Server

New in this Version

Add-on Software: MAJOR: New Update Method for Collax Virus Protection

The virus scanner Collax Virus Protection offers comprehensive antivirus protection for email, file and web services. For future updates of virus patterns it is necessary to install the new update method that is delivered within this Collax update.

NOTE: For users of the Collax Virus Protection this update has to be installed at the latest on October 8th 2010 to ensure future pattern updates of the Collax Virus Protection.


Add-on Software: New Licensing of Avira Antivir

The Anti Virus product Avira Antivir will now be identically licensed as all Collax Modules. With this method a higher handling comfort is reached and the separate Avira Antivir-License integration is now redundant. Updating the license manually will not be necessary anymore.

Add-on Software: Download Progress Bar when using Avira Antivir Web-Virus-Filter

The anti virus product Avira Antivir displayed a special progress bar while scanning downloaded files. With the new anti virus technology within this update this progress bar becomes superfluous. From this update the progress bar of Avira Antivir is going to be removed.

Misc: PHP update 5.3.6

In cause of the major-release of PHP 5.3.6 it is possible that files which use PHP have to be adapted.