Update Collax V-Bien 6.9.12 and Collax V-Cube, V-Cube+ 6.9.12


Collax V-Update 6.9.12 - Security-Update, UEFI-Support for Windows-Update

The KB5012170 security update for Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022 and Windows 10 has increased the boot system UEFI requirements. It requires a larger virtual memory (NVRAM) for the boot system because of the “Pre-Enrolled Keys”. This update provides a second UEFI image that meets the new requirements. If the Windows update is aborted with the error message 0x800f0922, the used UEFI image can be changed on the administration interface. When editing a VM, two options for UEFI are now available under “Boot system”. The previous one as “UEFI (legacy 2M Image)” with 2 MB NVRAM and the new “UEFI” with 4 MB NVRAM. The latter has to be set so that the Windows update can be installed.

This update closes a number of security holes in the Linux kernel, the virtualization component QEMU, the access SSH and the microcode for Intel processors.

The monitoring system Nagios warns and alerts in case of too high temperatures of the RAID controller. With this update the threshold values were slightly increased. Warnings are now issued at 90° C instead of 85° C, alerts at 100° C instead of 95° C. Please note: Not all controllers have sensors for temperature.

When displaying the statistics for the CPU utilization of a VM in the cluster, scaling was not correct. As a result, values were displayed that were too low. This has now been corrected.

Further information and details can be found in the Release-Notes of each product.

Installation instructions

After the installation of a node an automatic restart of the respective node takes place.

TIP: With the Check for Updates and Download Updates action, you can download the software packages to the nodes before you set the nodes to maintenance mode.