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Collax V-Bien: The IT Rescue Service for Medical Practices

You want to take care of your patients and not your IT?

Our fail-safe IT platform is specially tailored to the needs of medical practices and medical care centers. Learn more now!

High availability in medium-sized businesses

IT security for SMEs and freelancers

Medium-sized companies and freelancers are becoming more and more dependent on a functioning IT system. If there is a server failure, this can quickly lead to a complete standstill of the company. Inform now!

Hyperconvergence for small and medium-sized businesses

Hyperconvergence - the hype topic 2016 in the IT infrastructure.

Collax and ICO shed light on the topic from the point of view of SMEs. Advantages and disadvantages are discussed, solutions and aids are shown.

In cooperation with our partner ICO Innovative Computer GmbH, the IT-BUSINESS-Demo offers an orientation aid for you as an IT specialist on the subject of hypercross convergence and shows you cost-effective solutions that are specially tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Your speakers
Falk Birkner, Managing Director Collax GmbH
Torsten Wetzel, Sales director ICO Innovative Computer GmbH

Collax Groupware goes Kopano

Subject: Collax C-Server / Collax Groupware Suite

Learn the latest about Collax and Zarafa Kopano as the groupware solution of the future in our webcast. See for yourself the principles of productivity and collaboration with mobile Zarafa groupware clients, efficient management capabilities and productive Zarafa add-ons.

Collax V-Bien - Convince yourself of the simple installation!

Collax V-Bien Installation video

Subject: Collax V-Bien Description: Here you can see how easy it is to set up a Collax V-Bien.

Collax V-Bien - High availability without limits!

Collax V-Bien & V-Bien Pro