Collax Security Gateway

Professional security for your network

Professional security for your network

The Collax Security Gateway is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution. It combines all security functions in one product. It protects users, the network and your servers from threats from the Internet. It also establishes secure connections to branch offices and mobile users.

Special functions

Intelligent firewall and filter technology

In addition to a modern stateful inspection firewall, the Collax Security Gateway provides sophisticated filtering techniques for web and e-mail traffic. Malicious or unwanted data - whether viruses, spam, phishing attacks or malware - are reliably blocked or sorted out. Targeted attacks are reliably fended off.

Remote access and branch networking

VPN (Virtual Private Networking) can be used as a communication channel to securely connect branches and mobile employees to the company’s own network. In addition to the VPN according to the IPsec standard for network connection, the Collax Security Gateway also provides SSL-VPN. SSL-VPN is particularly suitable for the remote access of mobile devices.

Secure e-mail communication

All e-mails are freed from common threats before they are forwarded to the mail server. The mail server is significantly relieved by the defense against viruses and the very high detection rate of spam mails directly at the gateway.

Controlled use of websites

Efficient filters protect against viruses and other malware while surfing. Access to unwanted or illegal content such as extremism, pornography or violence is reliably prevented. Time-controlled usage control for services such as Facebook, YouTube or eBay can regulate which websites employees can access and when.

Network performance and connection reliability

Thanks to the new Collax network link daemon, the software not only reacts faster to changes in network connections, but also evaluates qualitative information - alternative routes or interface connections are established much faster than before and the reliability of existing network connections increases.

The intrusion detection and prevention system

Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS: Intrusion Detection System / IPS: Intrusion Prevention System) provides additional security. The system detects malicious attempts to gain unauthorized access. Attackers can be automatically blocked by the firewall even before they can cause any damage.

Hardened Operating System - Efficient Management

Hardened operating system files of the Collax Security Gateway increase stability and reduce the attack surface for your company. At the same time, the authenticity of the Collax Security Gateway software can be 100% verified (deterministic). All settings can be made easily via a browser-based user interface.

Evaluation and statistics up to the automatically generated configuration report help with the administration of the server. An integration of the server into a network monitoring is possible.

Collax Security Gateway as Appliance

The Collax Security Gateway is also available as an appliance (hardware with pre-installed software). You can find suitable hardware in our distributors.

Further information:

Datasheet: Collax Security Gateway 1079 kB
  • Reliable enterprise protection through hardened firewall system
  • Secure web access for users
  • Clean email inboxes through
  • Email spam filter
  • Includes virus filter for e-mail and web traffic
  • Convenient, secure remote access for users
  • Optimized traffic policies for your network traffic
  • Efficient maintenance and monitoring for administrators
  • Modern “Material Design” GUI

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