Collax Central

Server control at a glance

Your control center for efficient server management

With Collax Central, you always keep an eye on all Collax servers. It facilitates administration, enables early detection of problems and is the central place where all threads come together. With Collax Central, you can efficiently manage your servers and quickly complete maintenance tasks.

In addition, a Windows client version is also available to support Windows administration.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive overview: Keep track of all Collax servers and identify problems at a glance.
  • Fast administration: Perform sporadic and regular maintenance tasks effortlessly.
  • Compact overall view: Important information on hardware utilization, updates and license durations can be viewed immediately.
  • Detailed information: With one click you can show many more detailed information.
  • Hierarchical structure: Arrange your servers in a freely configurable, hierarchical structure.
  • Customizable dashboard: create your individual dashboard to display all information according to your requirements.
  • Flexible search function and filters: Quickly find the information and servers you need thanks to the flexible search function and a variety of filters.

Efficient server administration

Thanks to Collax Central, you always have everything in view. You can check the hardware utilization, updates and license expirations of your servers immediately. And if maintenance work is due or problems are detected, the execution of administration tasks is done with just one click.

Hierarchy and structure for optimal overview

All your servers can be arranged in a freely configurable, hierarchical structure. Create your individual dashboard that provides all information quickly and clearly. The flexible search function and numerous filter options complete the functional scope of Collax Central.

Find out how Collax Central helps you optimize your server administration and detect problems at an early stage. Contact our team for more information or to arrange an individual consultation.


All advantages at a glance
  • Comprehensive server overview
  • Windows client support included
  • Fast maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Compact general overview
  • Detailed information at the touch of a button
  • Customizable hierarchical structure
  • Efficient server management and search
  • Integration with Collax V-Transfer

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