Update Collax V-Bien 6.9.8 and Collax V-Cube, V-Cube+ 6.9.8


Collax V-Update 6.9.6 - Optimizations for Virtual Machines

In the new V-Update there are two enhancements that can improve the performance of a VM. The so-called “enlightenment” supports paravirtualization for Windows VMs. Microsoft uses interfaces between VM and Hyper-V for an optimized interaction between host and guest. Collax V-Bien, Collax V-Cube and Collax V-Cube+ now offer these interfaces for Windows operating systems.

When configuring a VM, the “Haswell” model can now also be selected in addition to the “Compatible” CPU model. With the CPU model “Haswell” a VM can use the instruction set extensions of a modern processor directly.

Further information and details can be found in the Release-Notes of each product.

Installation instructions

After the installation of a node an automatic restart of the respective node takes place.

TIP: With the Check for Updates and Download Updates action, you can download the software packages to the nodes before you set the nodes to maintenance mode.