Collax Server Update 7.2.8 - Security Update


How much has the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops increased the risk for companies to become victims of cyber attacks?

The BSI is constantly monitoring the situation and providing updates. At present, the Federal Office still assumes that the threat is abstract. At the same time, however, it points out that the general cyber threat situation (cybercrime, fake news, disinformation, etc.) and the risk of collateral damage remain elevated. It recommends remaining vigilant and doing one’s “homework.” These tasks include closing known security gaps by updating regularly. We therefore recommend installing the security update 7.2.8 promptly.

The BSI has issued a specific security warning for Kaspersky. Because of this we have cancelled our contract with Kaspersky on 31.03. With this update, the Kaspersky virus scanner will be deactivated. Customers who had used it so far should immediately switch on the scanner from Avira. Corresponding licenses will be provided automatically.

Further information and details can be found in the Release-Notes of each product.