Update/Maintainance Proced. V-Family < 6.1.4

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Update/Maintainance Proced. V-Family < 6.1.4

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The administraton of a Cluster, e.g. setting a cluster node to stand-by, could lead to a fencing event. In that case one cluster node was shut off. This is fixed from Version 6.1.4 on.
To prevent a fencing event during update or maintenance procedures in versions prior 6.1.4, please run a

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/etc/init.d/firewall full-stop
on all cluster nodes before continuing. The firewall shall be started afterwards, generally booting the cluster node starts the firewall again. Otherwise run

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/etc/init.d/firewall start

Background: After 5 days the connection of unused eSAN disks timed out within the firewall. Stopping the firewall results in deleting the connection tracking table and the eSAN connection can be established again.

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